Travel With Ease Using Lighter Bags

Traveling doesn’t have to be difficult when you take along luggage. The right bags can make a difference for you. Lightweight suitcases have become increasingly popular. They take the work out of getting your luggage from one point to the next. This makes it easier to load them in and out of your vehicle.

For those who travel alone, it can make a difference in what they are able to do. Many parents appreciate the lighter weight when they are traveling with children too. They have enough extras to carry around!

Reduce Injuries

Luggage that is too heavy can result in juries. They happen more often than most of us realise. They can occur as you load or unload the luggage getting to your destination. They can happen as you get them into your hotel room or you grab them from the baggage claim. Lightweight suitcases, you are reducing that risk every time you travel.

Your trip isn’t going to be fun if you have a sore back, arm, or shoulder due to your bags. You aren’t always going to have help along the way to get them where you need them. It is best to take preventative action than to realise after an injury has occurred that you should have done something differently.

Pack More

Airports have limits on the amount of weight any bag you check or carry on can have. If you go over that weight limit, they will charge you a fee. Lightweight suitcases allow you to pack more and not go over that weight limit. With a heavier bag, more of what is available to you in weight is already taken up by the bag itself.

Some travel entities won’t just charge you for the extra weight. They will refuse to take your bag. They will expect you to remove items that are too heavy and weigh it again. They may direct you to a gift shop at the terminal to buy another suitcase. Then you have the high price of buying the item. You also have to check an additional bag you didn’t budget for.

It also gives you more options for bringing back additional items during your trip. You don’t want to get to the airport on the return trip and realise you are overweight due to what you purchased. Lightweight gives you some room to make those purchases and not be stressed about it as you approach the counter at the airport terminal.

Durability and Quality

Some consumers worry that lightweight suitcases aren’t going to be as durable. If you buy a high quality bad from a reputable manufacturer, you have nothing to worry about. They are going to hold up very well over time. The difference is going to be in the weight of the product and not in what it can offer you.

Most lightweight suitcases will still protect your items very well inside. They often have various pockets and zipped compartments so you can pack your items with ease. Being organised with what you pack helps you to maximise the space your luggage offers.

Selection and Features

Some lightweight suitcases have two wheels and others have four. The two wheels are the most commonly offered. With four wheels though you can get the luggage into tighter spaces as you have a 360 degree spin offered. There are plenty of colours, styles, sizes, and designs available for you to pick from.

Many consumers find they love lighter luggage and it makes travel easier and convenient. They use it for work and for pleasure related travels. They wish they had discovered such products sooner though. It would have saved them from some struggles due to heavy luggage they had to contend with.

12 Ways to Stay at Home and Bond Like You Are on a Family Vacation

A family vacation can prove to be a time filled with opportunities to renew your bond with your family members. However, bonding with your family does not always necessarily have to involve a holiday destination, flight and accommodation expenses, and all that planning. You can rekindle your relationship with your family by spending some fun and quality time with them at home too.

Here are 12 ways to stay at home and bond like you are on a family vacation.

Organise a film festival at home

Select a theme and let every family member pick a movie of their choice to go with the theme. Arrange for popcorn, snacks and drinks while you spend your day together, watching back to back movies.

Indulge in an at-home spa day:

Pamper yourself and your family by turning your home into a spa for a day. Treat each other with facial masks, pedicures and massages. This will not only relax everyone, but also give an opportunity for one-on-one bonding experience.

Try out a new recipe:

Put your heads together and try your hands on that new and challenging food recipe. Without the interference of your smartphones and your laptops, this will turn into a fun bonding experience.

Device free and worry free dinner:

Prepare a meal together and have a nice dinner together, without any mobile phones or tablets on the table. This will help you spend quality time together without any interruptions from the virtual world. Use disposable utensils for the dinner so that you do not have to worry about doing the dishes later on; just like on a vacation.

Get your creative sides out:

Dig into your art supplies and get creative together. This is a great way of having fun together, as well as destressing yourself. Paint, sculpt, or try that DIY project you had always wanted to try out.

Coffee date at home:

Whip up cups of refreshing coffee and enjoy a coffee date all together at home. While you are at it, make sure it is just you and the coffee, without any unnecessary disturbances. You will realise that conversations over coffee are not at all over rated!

Stay in bed:

Kick start your day with breakfast in bed, snuggle up together watching your favourite movies or your favourite shows, enjoy an afternoon nap, and basically just chill in bed all day.

Solve a puzzle:

Take up a big puzzle and solve it together. Doing this together will make the activity fun, and keep your mind engaged, without stressing you out.

Make a collage together:

Get out all those old magazines and create a picture collage together. Create anything that represents you, your journey so far, your dreams, or your future together. This will be a unique way to bond as a family.

Organise a family board game tournament:

Get some good board games, and arrange for snacks and beverages, for a back to back board game tournament. Invest in some board games that you can play together.

Visit some tourist spots:

Go out together and visit some popular tourist spots in your city. Take pictures and spend quality and fun time together. Browse through the pictures together once you are back home.

Go out for a game of paintball or laser tag:

Go out for the day, and find a place in the city where you can play laser tag or a game of paintball. These games can be super fun when you play them together and can create a new chemistry between all of you.

The most important rule for a stay-at-home family vacation day is to keep the day absolutely and completely device-free and worry-free. So plan a trip putting aside your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and all your daily chores and worries. Do not plan for any sort of independent outings or activities and spend all your time with your family.

The Andaman Islands in India

The islands are richly covered with tropical forests and trees. This is why some rare types of birds only live in the Andaman Islands. However, the factor that really attract tourists who travel to India the most in the Islands are the magnificent shores surrounding almost all of the islands.

Featured with its crystal clear water, many wonderful colorful fish, and some magnificent coral reefs, the beaches host some of the richest marine reserves in the whole world that attract several vacationers to spend their holiday in India.

During the past few years, due to the decrease in the prices of flights coming from India towards the Andaman Islands, the number of travelers who enjoy their vacations in India and visit the islands notably increased and the Andaman Islands held a position in the touristic map of India. This is in addition to some other flights that arrive from Thailand and other Asian countries to directly land in the islands.

The Andaman Islands, for administrative reasons, are grouped together with the Nicobar Islands, situated around 200 kilometers to the South. The Andaman Islands in fact consist of around 200 islands that largely range in their sizes. However, most of them welcome a large number of travelers who tour India.

Tourists enjoying their vacations in India are only allowed to visit specific islands in the Andaman group. Most boats and flights arrive at the area of Southern Andaman. Travelers may obtain a permit of one month to stay in the Andaman Islands upon arrival either by air or by boat.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful relaxing vacation in India, perhaps the Andaman Islands would be your perfect choice. However, there are some points you need to consider like away from the settlements and small towns, there are rarely any services or facilities. You would even need to carry and set your camp yourself.

The weather of the Andaman Islands is usually tropical all year-long with the temperature ranging from 25 to 25 degree centigrade. The humidity on the other hand is never less than 70%. Tourists who travel to India who plan to explore the Andaman Islands should put all these facts into consideration before planning their trips. The best time to visit the islands is from January till April when the weather is in its best conditions.

Since it is the starting point of any tour to the Andaman Islands, the southern section of the islands is the most crowded and populated. The capital of the islands, Port Blair, itself hosts some amazing shores and beaches including Corbyn Cave, Chiriya Tapu, Wandoor, and Madhuban are quite remarkable for travelers who tour India.

Port Blair itself has a distinctive character with many small huts covered with tins that overlook the amazing sea from the west, east, and north of the city. It is only the Southern section that hosts some fields and forests.

Away from the beaches, there are a few other things that might interest travelers who spend their holiday in India. This includes some small local museums illustrating the history of the islands. However, a visit to Port Blair can never be missed, as it is the starting point of any tour in the region.

Andaman is a beautiful islands in Bay of Bengal and make an amazing holiday destination. Book your exciting India tours with Right Travel and explore these islands. For more information you can visit our website or call us at 973-636-6660.

Best Travel Advice For A Safe Trip On A Budget

11 am at the office and I’m already dreaming up a safe trip on a budget somewhere in Capri Island. The electric blue sea is calling out to me and who can ignore a call like that? Here I come Capri, I exclaim. Although my online bank statement announces that it’s best to forget all about Capri but I stay determined. After all, internet’s always bombarding us with nifty international trip hack to make the most out of a trip with as little money as possible. I’m sure I can hussle my way through too but then I pause. What about safety? Nobody wants to be dead in Italy at the hands of a serial killer just to save some bucks.

If you’re also planning a safe trip on a budget, here are a few ways to stay alive:

The ticket is where it all starts:

It’s almost always cheaper to buy from a travel website than directly from the airline. Travel websites gives you options for transport and accommodations in your destination and their blogs contain a plethora of information regarding safe traveling and other handy tips about specific places and regions of the world.

Best place for currency exchange:

If you don’t have local currency at arrival, it’s most likely to become victim of a scam money exchange scheme. Use your debit card where you can and avoid ATMs. In many places of world, ATMs are a frequent crime scene.

Is a five star international hotel worth it?

Accommodations weigh the most on the purse so travelers often look for alternatives. Hostels and B&Bs are a great way to save money, meet fellow travelers and get first hand local experience. However, it is very important to choose a reliable place. In the world of smartphones and WiFi, it’s easier to look up reviews online even on the go. Don’t enter a facility or a house without knowledge of its operations and residents.

Moving around:

Taxis and rental cars can be expensive so look up your destination’s public transport system. If it’s fast, safe and extensive then go for it. Walking during the day is the best way to soak up local culture but once the sun sets, don’t walk. If you have to, stay in busy areas, avoid dark alleys%2M0and follow a group of people.

How much partying is too much partying?

Going to parties in a foreign country is a fantastic way to meet locals free musically followers no survey or offers but this requires you to stay cautious the most. Say no to drugs and never leave your drink unattended. If you get drunk, you’re very susceptible to getting mugged, or worse sick. An uninsured visit to the hospital is undoubtedly throwing money down the drain.%0

The Most Remarkable Sites of Beijing

Beijing, or the North in the Chinese language, is the capital and the largest city of the country. It is the most important city and center that is almost included in all travel packages in China.

The city of Beijing is located in the northern section of the China. In fact, mountains stretch in the Western, Northern, and Eastern sections of the city, while plains are extended over a large area in the South Eastern area of Beijing that enjoys a variety in its terrains that attract many nature fans who travel to China to explore the city.

The history of Beijing goes back to the period of the Western Zhou period, a dynasty that emerged from 1046 to 771 BC during the era of the Warring States; Beijing became the capital of the most powerful and influential dynasty that was called the Yan Dynasty. This is the reason why Beijing hosts some of the most wonderful monuments like the Forbidden City that welcomes a lot of tourists who travel to China.

The importance of the city relatively declined afterwards. However, it preserved its political influence for more than 10 decades before it became the capital of the ruling dynasty once again. Today, Beijing became one of the largest and most impressive cities in the world visited by thousands of travelers who tour China.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is one of the most interesting historical sites of cr hack Beijing that is almost included in many travel packages in China. Located at the heart of the city, the Forbidden City was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Being the residence of the royal family for quite a considerable period of time, the Forbidden City was established in the beginning of the 15th century BC. This complex is considered the most ancient best-preserved palaces in China. Today, the Forbidden City hosts around one million antiquities and the complex itself is a masterpiece of architectural art that grabs the attention of thousands of tourist who spend their holidays in China.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace consists of large lakes, gardens, and a number of royal palaces situated in Beijing that occupies more than 3 square kilometers. The palace was built on a%!”c20hill that is 60 meters above the level of the main lake situated in cr generator online the region. The summer palace is among the places that are recommended for tourists who travel to China.

Inside the palace, there are numerous chambers that are featured with some remarkable decorations and ornaments. In fact, in 1998, the summer palace was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Constructed in the middle of the 12th century AD, by the Gin Dynasty, today the summer palace is one of the popular historical sites among tourists who enjoy their vacations in Ch